The 2017 Jaguar XE is a sports sedan... but with manners


These days, too many sports cars are high-powered but without panache--aggressive but without manners.

Then, there is the 2017 Jaguar XE: a sports sedan of exceptional breeding, that never forgets its good manners--even as it unleashes up to 380 horsepower on the roads of Richmond.

With choice of gasoline or diesel engine power, available all-wheel drive, and Intelligent Stop/Start technology to return optimal fuel economy, the Jaguar XE sedan is more than just horsepower on wheels, like some of its rivals. Its sophisticated handling, dynamic precision, and a suite of Jaguar InControl apps separate it from the rest of the rabble.

And you reap all of the benefits.

The new 2017 XE has been collecting a lot of praise from across the industry--but it's up to you to decide if this luxury sports sedan will be the right fit for your lifestyle.

Will you choose the power refinement of British manners?

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