Essential winter services for Jaguar models


As the season settles into Richmond, the weather turns cold and the wind blows bitter; your Jaguar is designed to perform optimally in all conditions, but like all machines it may need some special care as the thermometer dips down below freezing.

And you may be excellent at keeping up with your Jaguar service in Richmond, but are there specific winter services that your vehicle needs? The experts say yes.

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It's important to be sure that you're supporting your Jaguar inside and out during the cold winter months. From getting your car washed, to ensuring that your coolant is well-filled, you can prep for winter like a pro at Brown's Richmond Jaguar.

A winter season oil change is important; though Jaguar boasts an above-average 10,000-mile oil change interval, it's still crucial to ensure that you have a full reservoir of quality oil going into the cold months. Checking your battery charge is another top winter service, to avoid the hassle and potential danger of a dead battery on a cold night. Checking and topping off coolant and antifreeze levels helps set your engine up for success, keeping components at an optimal temperature no matter the readings outside.

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