Whether gasoline or diesel, engine options in the 2017 Jaguar XE embody true Jaguar style


The 2017 Jaguar XE, leading the way for the brand's new breed of luxury performance sports cars, is available to Richmond drivers with a range of advanced, intuitive, and powerful gas and diesel engines.

Thanks to its lightweight aluminum structure, the Jaguar XE is able to optimally utilize every shred of horsepower that it receives from its equipped engine: a 2.0-liter Ingenium 4-cylinder turbocharged Diesel engine, a powerful four-cylinder gasoline turbocharged engine, or a 3.0-liter supercharged V-6 engine that creates a stunning 340 horsepower.

Learn more about the 2017 XE's modern new engine technology here:

We spoke last month about high praise for the 2017 Jaguar XE pouring in from major critical news sources over the past few months, garnering a reputation as an attainable driver's car with a daring dose of bold style.

And it would appear, with how difficult it is to keep the new Jaguar model in stock, that this compact luxury sedan isn't planning to slow down.

But we'll let you make that decision for yourself.

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