Can engine oil quality affect your Jaguar's performance?

Absolutely--in fact, quality engine oil can affect your vehicle's entire body, but especially its performance. When engine oil flows through the system, it simultaneously regulates temperature, lubricates moving parts, filters out debris or dirt to keep things clean, and prevents excess wear and tear.

When you schedule routine oil changes in Hanover, Mechanicsville, Petersburg, and Charlottesville, you help keep those essential services working properly--and you can even extend the life of your Jaguar.

Fortunately for drivers of the Jaguar brand, these vehicles boast the longest oil change interval of most any brand: 15,000 miles when properly handled.  A combination of high-quality engine oil and expertly-engineered components means that your Jaguar's engine systems can use oil more efficiently, and waste less.

Still, it's extremely important to stick to an oil change interval. If you don't drive a Jaguar, that number is more like 5,000 or 7,500 miles.

Are you due? Schedule an appointment online for oil change service in Richmond.

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