New Gesture-Controlled Trunk Lid in the 2018 Jaguar XE Offers Hands-Free Convenience


Typically, motion-activated lift gates, hatches, and trunks are reserved for larger SUVs, assuming that they will be best utilized by busy parents juggling children and all of their various items.

But, shouldn't convenience be for everyone?

The 2018 Jaguar XE was designed to be as functional, practical, and convenient as it is thrilling and gorgeous. With the addition of an available gesture-controlled trunk lid (called a "Gesture Boot") by our friends on the other side of the pond, it's easier than ever to fully take advantage of everything that your new Jaguar XE sedan has to offer.


How to Use Jaguar's Gesture-Controlled Trunk Lid

First, be sure that the proximity Smart Key to your 2018 Jaguar XE is on your person--or, just within a few feet of the trunk.

Lightly kick under the corner of the trunk underneath the vehicle to open the trunk.

To close the trunk, perform the same motion once you've completed storing or removing items from your trunk.


It's an easy, convenient way to access luggage, bags, groceries, or equipment in your trunk when you have your hands full.

This feature is available on many 2018 Jaguar XE models--explore your options today:

  • 2018 XE
  • 2018 XE PREMIUM
  • 2018 XE PRESTIGE
  • 2018 XE R-SPORT
  • 2018 XE S

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