Only the Jaguar F-TYPE Can Run Corners Like This

The new Jaguar F-TYPE model lineup is a truly formidable force--with cars like the Jaguar F-TYPE SVR being nominated for Best Driver's Car awards.

But you add all-wheel drive to the mix, and you've got a truly fantastic car.

How Does Instinctive All Wheel Drive Work?

Jaguar's AWD system is a particularly intelligent, engaging, and dynamic system that works tirelessly to ensure maximum grip and traction on any road and in any condition.

The system is able to continuously monitor road conditions, wheel spin, driving habits, and a variety of other factors to help guarantee the best possible grip no matter what's under your tires. While the Jaguar F-TYPE is able to push power primarily to the rear wheels under normal driving conditions, it can distribute torque to each of the four wheels as necessary under sever conditions like wet streets, snowy paths, slick pavement, and gravel roads.

Which 2017 Jaguar F-TYPE Models Offer Instinctive All Wheel Drive?

  • 2017 F-TYPE S AWD Coupe
  • 2017 F-TYPE S AWD Convertible
  • 2017 F-TYPE R Coupe
  • 2017 F-TYPE R Convertible

With four unique model options and configurations, Jaguar F-TYPE gives you more ways to seize sport capability, and improve road manners without compromising on power or performance.

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