The Jaguar Brand Partners With Shell to Make Fueling Up Easier Than Ever


While fueling up at your local gas station has gotten easier over the years, Jaguar is rolling out a new way to pay for gas that could lead into a seriously connected and intuitive future for VA drivers.

The new program allows drivers to pre-pay for gas at select Shell stations, using either PayPal or Apple Pay--or soon, Android Pay--to select a payment amount. It's similar to paying in-person at the gas station before you fuel up, without needing to stray far from your car, and without even needing to pull out your cards.

This opens up opportunities for in-car payment options for other services like parking garages, drive-up restaurants, and tolls.

Andrew Krok, a writer for Road Show by CNET, wrote about Jaguar's innovative new program, and overall this critic seemed pleased about the new changes.

He warned against a few potential downsides of the new system--which we assume Jaguar will be able to smooth over in the coming years as this technology progresses.

"It appears it's limited to pre-payment, so you can't top 'er off and then pay the bill. Its available only on XE, XF and F-Pace models for the time being, although Jaguar promises it will extend to all Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles in the future."

Is your Jaguar compatible with the new program?

Ask the staff at Brown's Richmond Jaguar; we can assist you with any new Jaguar tech or apps.

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