Possible Production Model Spied for the Jaguar I-PACE

?After we introduced the I-PACE concept last month on our blog, we understandably received a ton of questions about it:

When will be the Jaguar I-PACE go on sale? How much power does it have? Is it truly all-electric? How much will the Jaguar I-PACE cost? How does it compare to other luxury electric vehicles? What's the driving range of the I-PACE?


Preview the Jaguar I-PACE Electric Performance SUV Concept


Some of the those questions can be answered by reading through our last blog post--the others, we'll just have to be patient and wait. Because while this stunning all-electric luxury sports crossover looks positively production-ready, it's still--technically--at its concept stage.

But, oh, does it look ready.

CarBuzz, Jalopnik, and other automotive gossip news networks are reporting that a production-ready I-PACE SUV actually is cruising the streets somewhere, possibly preparing for a commercial ad release. From what grainy footage we could find, the possible production vehicle looks very similar to the concept released a few months back--which gives us hope that powertrain and range specs will stay roughly the same.

Or, maybe, even get better.

Keep an eye on the Brown's Richmond Jaguar blog to keep up with news and releases--we'll be reporting on new Jaguar I-PACE information as we get it.

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