Jaguar E-PACE Comes With Self-Learning Technology

If you're seeking out a luxurious SUV experience, Brown's Jaguar here in Richmond is the destination. With models such as the E-PACE available to give you a thrilling drive with premium comfort and feel in addition to its performance, you'll have the ultimate levels of confidence. What's more, with a new features you can feel that confidence even more.

The Jaguar E-PACE now comes available with self-learning technology such as Smart Settings and Adaptive Dynamics. Starting with Smart Settings, this allows your Jaguar vehicle to learn your driving habits and anticipate them to make your life easier. It's able to recognize the approaching driver based on your unique smart key and smartphone Bluetooth signal. From there it will adjust the seat, climate and infotainment system based on your preferences. Over time, it's able to further tailor your experience based on time, location, weather and more, like pre-heating the steering wheel and seats on a cold day, or changing up your media source based on the time of day. You can set up to eight different profiles, and enjoy features like Intelligent Phone Reminder if you leave your smartphone in the vehicle, and Predictive Call List which will cue up popular contacts at the right time.

With Adaptive Dynamics, the E-PACE will now offer improved handling and response using continuously variable damper technology to provide you with the right balance and control for the smoothest ride possible using two modes: Normal mode for comfort, and Dynamic to deliver a thrilling, sporty feel.

This exciting technology on the all new Jaguar E-PACE in our Richmond showroom serving Hanover, Mechanicsville, Petersburg and Charlottesville, VA will enhance your overall ride. To learn more, stop in and see us here at Brown's Jaguar where we'd be happy to provide you with more details today.

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