Jaguar D-Type; The Legend Continues

You know about Brown's Richmond Jaguar in Richmond, VA and our wide selection of new Jaguar models. But, what drivers from Mechanicsville, Charlottesville, Petersburg, and Hanover, VA might not know about is the Jaguar D-Type.

It has been a long 62 years since the last example of the Jaguar D-Type was built and Jaguar Classic in Warwickshire, UK is ready to breathe new life into the legend. Honoring the Jaguar D-Type's legacy, Jaguar Classic is building 25 new examples by hand at Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works. The decision to create these models comes to fulfilling the promise of Jaguar in 1955 it planned to produce 100 Jaguar D-Type models. Until now, there have only been 75 models completed, and Jaguar Classic is on the prowl to finish the last 25 all-new, period-correct sports cars.

The new Jaguar D-Type vehicles will be crafted to fit the original Jaguar engineering drawings and records. This dedication to period-specific craftsmanship is to meet the authentic specifications laid out by Lofty England and his engineers in the 1950s. Drivers interested in purchasing a new Jaguar D-Type have the option of either the 1955-specification Shortnose or the 1956-specification Longnose bodywork. The two are differentiated easily by the signature tail fin of the 1956 Longnose specification.

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