An Abundance of Options with New and Used Vehicle Financing at Brown's Richmond Jaguar

When you're seeking out prestigious automobiles, a place like Brown's Richmond Jaguar is a destination for you. Our showroom houses some of the finest luxury brands available, which includes our selection of new Jaguar models, along with pre-owned luxury cars. Our goal is to help you in your efforts to put yourself behind the wheel of one of our high-end performance vehicles, and that can be accomplished through reviewing your finance choices.

The new Jaguar features the likes of the E-PACE, F-PACE, XE, XF and XJ, all of which provide you with standout performance and a premium feel both inside and out. The experience is one that provides a thrilling drive no matter where you go across Northern Virginia, and our team is here to help you go through the process to discover which one suits you. In terms of financing, you are presented with the option to purchase, or the option to lease. When you choose to buy your new Jaguar, you're deciding on your luxury for the long-term as your payment plan is set and finished once you have completed all payments. Leasing is payments over a set period of time and allows you the flexibility to have options at lease end, which includes the purchase of your current vehicle, or enter a lease on a brand-new Jaguar model.

Additionally, you have options among our used cars as it includes certified pre-owned Jaguar models, along with used luxury cars from a multitude of different brands for those in Richmond to choose from. Prestige and style never fade and that’s the case with these models as you also get the potential for plenty of savings in the process.

No matter the course of action you take, our Jaguar financing team will discuss your options and help you choose which luxury vehicle is right for you. Contact us today to learn more and we can arrange a time to meet here in our showroom serving Hanover, Mechanicsville, Petersburg, and Charlottesville, VA soon.

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