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Expert Jaguar Servicing and Repairs in Richmond, VA

Now that you’ve invested in the Jaguar of your dreams, be sure to keep it in pristine condition for years to come. The service center at Brown’s Richmond Jaguar has a team of certified technicians on staff trained to help you get the very best out of your vehicle. We have years of experience and will work to help extend the life of your car. Our Richmond, VA service center has state-of-the-art equipment to get you back on the road safely and quickly.

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Let this superior sports sedan help you navigate a better path in Richmond


So a TV host and an automotive journalist get into a Jaguar sports car...

Actually, it's not a joke; Adrian Simpson (presenter of Sky News) and automotive journalist Bradley Hasemeyer (of Gear Patrol) did get into the cabin of a stunning new 2017 Jaguar XE sports sedan to test out its light, agile performance on some seriously curvy roads.

Watch the video below to see what they thought of this exceptional vehicle. Or, come to Brown's Richmond Jaguar for a test drive, and craft your own opinion.

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Praise flows in for the new 2017 Jaguar XE


Super-powered, super stylish, and super affordable, the 2017 Jaguar XE is turning heads in Richmond, Hanover, Mechanicsville, Petersburg, and Charlottesville.

For a while, the industry was fairly quiet about the all-new XE sedan as we all waited with bated breath for specs, photos, video, release dates. But now, it's arrived in dealerships like Brown's Richmond Jaguar.

And now, mouths are starting to run.

The Jaguar brand isn't one for boasting and braggadocio--fortunately, the XE's adoring public is taking care of all the brag-worthy exclamations for it.

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