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Introducing an all-new 2-seat convertible sports car from Jaguar. With three different engines and a wide range of colors, the F-TYPE can be configured to fulfill what you desire most.

  • F-TYPE (340 HP): A beautiful, agile 3.0-liter supercharged V6 sports car that connects you to the road with performance that invigorate the senses.
  • F-TYPE S (380 HP): Takes the supercharged 3.0-liter V6 experience to another level, with a range of dynamic enhancements and greater levels of performance.
  • F-TYPE V8 S (495 HP): The towering performance of a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 delivers exceptional speed and agility.

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  • Sport exhaust with center mounted twin exhaust pipes
  • Z fold, powered convertible roof
  • Rain-sensing windshield wipers
  • Roll over protection bars in satin chrome
  • Chrome and satin black exterior finishes
  • Manual folding, heated and tinted exterior mirrors with integrated LED turn signals

  • Sport seats with leather and suedecloth trim
  • 6-way partial electric seat adjustment
  • Leather interior trim
  • 3-spoke leather steering wheel with paddle shift levers, controls for audio and cruise control and electrically adjustable steering column
  • Phosphor Blue halo illumination with mood lighting
  • Interior electrochromic auto-dimming rearview mirror

Driving Dynamics:
  • 340 hp 3.0 liter V6 supercharged engine
  • Eight Speed 'QuickShift' transmission with sport mode and Jaguar Sequential Shift manual mode
  • Sport suspension
  • Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) and Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)
  • Intelligent stop/start

In Car Entertainment:
  • 380-Watt Meridian audio system with 10 speakers, AM/FM and CD/DVD player
  • Portable audio interface with powered USB port for iPod� or MP3 player
  • High-definition full-color 8-inch touch-screen
  • GPS navigation with traffic message channel
  • Bluetooth� connectivity for phone and audio
  • Instrument cluster with twin analog dials and 5" color TFT display

Safety & Security:
  • Remote central locking
  • Perimeter-sensing vehicle immobilizer
  • Smart airbag system with two front airbags
  • Front seat-mounted side airbags
  • Tire pressure monitoring system


"Everything about this new F-Type screams that it's unique."

F-TYPE,, October 2012
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"On paper and in person, the car impresses"

F-TYPE,, September 2012

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"Like a jungle cat ready to pounce, it's hard not to feel impressed"

F-TYPE,, October 2012
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"We cast one unanimous ballot for the F-Type for top honors in Paris. We were simply taken with the style, the performance potential, and yes, the heritage."

F-TYPE,, October 2012
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"The F-Type has a driver-focused cockpit with every luxury amenity you would want in a two-seater roadster"

F-TYPE,, October 2012
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Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Proves Worthy of its Name and Inheritance

By Larry Printz, �

It's only been a year or so that you've been able to refer to a Jaguar sports car in the present tense, thanks to the release of the 2014 F-Type convertible. It's a sports car that lives up to its name, one that indicates that after a four-decade absence, Jaguar has fielded a spiritual successor to the legendary C-Type, D-Type and E-Type, as well as the XK120, 140 and 150, and pre-war SS 100.

Quite impressive forebearers.

And while the F-Type was a welcome return to form for the marque, it was only available as an open two-seater - until now. Luckily, for those of you who prefer to drive fast without mussing your hair, Jaguar has introduced the F-Type coupe.

Like many past Jaguar sports cars, the coupe is much prettier than its topless sibling. The coupe's purely wicked looks state its intentions as a seductively evil adult toy, one that's almost illicit enough to be placed in a plain brown wrapper and sold from a high shelf behind the counter.

More so than the convertible, the coupe is a pure sports car, one that is engineered to be an unadulterated performance car. So while you might not care that the F-Type's body side is made from a single aluminum stamping or that a single aluminum beam arcs from base of the windshield to the base of the rear window, you will appreciate that it renders the coupe a full 80 percent stiffer than the cabrio. That makes it a whole lot of fun to drive - especially if you're flogging this feral kitty on the track.

And the pick of the liter is the $99,000 F-Type R coupe with its 550 horsepower V8. Reaching 60 mph takes but four seconds. Top speed is electronically limited top speed of 186 mph.

If you doubt for one second that this is the version to have, just hit the starter button and listen as the F-Type R coupe awakens with a raspy, ferocious snarl accentuated by backfires, pops and crackles. There's no sensory deprivation in this car. Tromp on the accelerator and the V-8's power pours out, blurring the scenery as speed builds and your major organs press against your backbone. The eight-speed automatic transmission is a willing accomplice, quickly snapping off the shifts as the exhaust spews its unearthly howl.

The hydraulic-assisted power steering is perfectly tuned, providing just the right amount of feedback and rapid response. Handling response is very precise; there's no noticeable body roll in corners. Grip is tenacious; allowing you to rotate the tail to extract maximum fun. It will make you mouth smile and your armpits wet.

Nevertheless, not everyone is a tri-athlete, and neither is every F-Type Coupe.

The $65,000 base F-Type Coupe is fitted with a 3.0-liter supercharged V-6 that develops 340 horsepower and 18-inch wheels that can best be described as a neutered kitty. Better to opt for the $77,000 F-Type S Coupe. You get an extra 40 horsepower and a more rewarding driving experience even though the V-6 engine doesn't have the V-8's vast amount of torque. As a result, it doesn't feel as hard-edged as the V-8. Yes it has its share of power, but you'll have to be patient and build the revs first. Its softer ambiance may suite buyers put off by the Y-chromosome impulse of the R Coupe. And to differentiate the driveline further, it possesses a classic European sports car exhaust note.

Of course, any worthwhile sports car performs well at the track. The bigger question is how well it performs on the street. The answer: the F-Type is very much a true sports car on pockmarked pavement, where its track-ready suspension returns an extraordinarily firm ride. This is a real surprise; classic Jags always had a combination of great handling and an absorbent ride; it's noticeably different here. So even though the sculpted performance seats will hold you while you unleash your inner Andretti.

And if you're feeling cranky, you could wish for a little more than the 11 cubic feet of trunk space. But remember, this is a sports car. My advice? Pack lightly.

When a car is as capable and satisfying as the 2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe, it's hard to complain, even if some grouse that the F-Type could never truly succeed the E-Type. After all, the E-Type brilliantly captured its moment in time. Instantly iconic, it became a lifestyle prop to swinging London, the British Invasion and Carnaby Street. The F-Type Coupe hasn't quite managed to do the same thing, but it's almost impossible to be as culturally significant as a famous parent.

Just ask Jakob Dylan.

Still, its abilities and looks prove otherwise, earning the F-Type Coupe the right to proudly inherit its famous parent's mantle. �

Larry Printz is Editor-In-Chief, Automotive at He can be reached at

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